Community Center -

Community Center

The ADRA Community Center in Borča (Belgrade) was opened in February 2017 to serve the fundamental needs of children, youth, parents and other people who have fled or emigrated from their countries due to wars or poverty, and who have been put up in the Asylum Center in Krnjača near Belgrade. The Community Center covers an indoor area of more than 600 m². Among other premises, it entails sport hall (120 m2), Women`s Center (120 m2), classrooms and recreational space (130 m2), and IT corner (20 m2). There are also outdoor playing areas of 1,200 m² for football, volleyball, basketball and any other outdoor activity.

Our programs:

  • Education
  • Economic empowerment
  • ADRA Women’s Center
  • Recreational and occupational activities

Over time our Center has expanded its purpose. All programs being organized within it are at everybody’s disposal. Aside from the migrant/refugee group, citizens from the local community are included in those running programs which they find necessary and useful in meeting their fundamental needs.

The ADRA Community Center is visited by more than 80 children and adults on daily basis. The assistance is provided to them by more than 30 employed social workers, psychologists, legal advisors, pedagogues, teachers, translators, drivers and others. 

 We are endeavoring now, just as we have been endeavoring in the last 28 years of our work, to create an ambient where people of different ethnicities, religions and life experiences not only tolerate but also enrich each other’s lives, thus broadening their minds. While studying together, playing together, spending time together, working together and supporting each other, we reveal challenges and the beauty of human community which in that way grows in humanity, solidarity and mutual trust.

In the first year of its work, ADRA`s Community Center assisted more than 1,450 different individuals through different services. From February to August 2017, 64% of beneficiaries were men and 36% were women. Owing to the Women's Center programs, the percentage changed in the second half of 2017 and the percentage of female beneficiaries increased to 41%.
Out of the total number of women, 56% are under the age 18 and 44% are over the age of 18. Out of the total number of men, 81% are under the age of 18 and 19% are over the age of 18.