ADRA`s Community Center in Borča, Beograd was open in 2017. to serve „common good“ of the local community. Its space is adapted to meet needs of children, youth and adults who cannot access other service to meet basic needs and exercise basic rights. The Community Center is a place where and from where ADRA implements activities for homeless, dealing with education and livelihood.

How does it look like? Its 600 m2 is comprised of sport hall, Women`s center with a Child corner, classrooms, space for recreation and IT corner. Outdoor space of 1200 m² is prepared for football, volleyball, basketball and other activities.

All programs of support are for local community and those accommodated in the Asylum center in Krnjača settlement, coming from other countries.

Programs taking place in the Community Center



Take a look in our booklet about the Community center

3000 different persons used ADRA`s Community Center in the period 2017-2020. Тhose were children, youth and women from the local community and the substandard Roma settlement, and those from the Asylum center, mostly originally from Afghanistan, escaping from conflicts and economical crisis.