We promote inclusion of vulnerable groups in society through our programs of economic empowerment. We create opportunities for them to acquire new knowledge and skills, we provode livelihood opportunities, support them to use them and link them with socially responsible businesses. This is how they improve their competences and chances to get sustainable livelihood.

In a single cycle these are our typical results: 10 adults who were without school diploma, acquire it (important for the labour market), 40 of them earn a qualification necessary for employment, 10 establish their own businesses, 20 get employed, 10% get better paid jobs. We support them even when they make this progress.

50 employed people means at least 50 or more frequently 250 people who can can eat and live with more opportunities and dignity.

We are supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Also, we support youth who leave social welfare system in their integration and becoming economically independent. We are supported by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency a partner SOS Children Villages Serbia.

More on Economic empowerment on our YouTube channel.