Yearly, we support 150 children from socially vulnerable families to enroll into school, prevent dropout, advance and get better knowledge, (When they turn 11, already 45% will dropout from school because of poverty and lack of support in learning). We support them to complete primary and then secondary education. Ultimately, we provide links with potential employers. Parents are often in very difficult material situation and with low level of education, unable to provide assistance in learning at home. If no outside support is provided, children are left without knowledge and diplomas. This literally strands them in the same poverty cycle that usually lasts for generations. Education provides them with a tool to escape poverty and create a more humane and dignified life.  Our key partner is the German Federal Foreign Office.

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how we discover these children in their communities

and include them in school

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Become our volunteer, from your home or in person. We need tutors to help kids in doing their homework (fluent in Serbian). This makes real difference, a difference between giving up from school and joy and progress.

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