Homelessness - ADRA Srbija

There are several thousand persons who live as homeless in Belgrade (the capital) only. How do they end up on street, or living in building basements, abandonded spaces, without basic living coditions, exposed to permanent uncertaingy? Reliable researches provide an answer: it is due to a serious adverse circumstances rather then their choice. Their health and dignity are in danger and life prospects close to null.

1.100 – 1.500 of them are daily supported through mobile shower and laundry services (vehicle Drumodom), health care, psychosocial support and support in social integration. We work with authorities to ensure proper implementation of relevant laws and bringing of new regarding preventing homelessness. Most of homeless are also chronic patients, with some form of mental health damage, and are not independent. Monthly, we provide around 550 hygiene, 350 health care and 450 psychosocial services and counseling services.

Yearly, around 130 manages to pull out from hopeless situation and include in social life. Even then they are still in need of support.

Our time is composed of doctors, nurses, coordinators of relief aid distribution and social workers.

The support comes from the US government (USAID ), Slovac government (SlovakAid), and City of Belgrade, Belgrade City Adiministration, Secretariat for Social Welfare.


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