EU Aid Volunteers - ADRA Srbija

EU Aid Volunteers initiative is a program established by the EU, as envisaged by the Treaty of Lisbon. The program connects the interest of both parties: EU volunteers’ to help humanitarian organizations and disaster affected communities, and humanitarian organizations and disaster affected communities to have well prepared and motivated volunteers.

The program includes mandatory and thorough training of the volunteers, certification, capacity building and technical support to sending and hosting organizations. The sending and hosting organizations are obliged to comply with the volunteer management standards.

This program offers:

  • The opportunity for the EU citizens to volunteer in the humanitarian projects, show solidarity and gain experience.
  • Professional support by trained and well-prepared volunteers to disaster affected communities.
  • Capacity building for local staff and volunteers of aid organizations in countries hit by disasters.

ADRA Serbia is certified as a host organization from October 2020 (capacity building project: Towards Effective Humanitarian Volunteers (TEHV) funded by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency - EACEA).