Women empowerment - ADRA Srbija

Women still do not have equal access ot opportunities to get education, employment and fair wages. For this reason they, their families and the society – suffer. We are committed to women empowerment on different levels. Two of those are education and economic empowerment.

Full potential cannot be reached if one lives in violent cirmustances. The consequences of gender based violence are far-reaching and affect a person that immediatelly experienced it but also the family and the wider community. In the first case, the goal is to protect that person, empowering her to take over the control of her life and then to not let it go. On the other hand, it is important to raise awareness on how much gender-based violence is an unacceptable breach of basic human rights. The responsibility is on all of us.

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Presently, 120 women and children from Afghanistan who are between two homes and are in our country, receive hygiene packages and clothing, counseling on practical, everyday and quetions related to parenting and health. Also, they are spending quality time in the Community Cener where mums can a break while ADRA`s staff is taking care of their children in the Children`s Corner. We are supporting them so that they can live life without violence and resolve daily problems in healthy way. Our donor is UNICEF.

Our publication: Room for Women and Girls: Female Voices from Refugees and Migrants in Serbia