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Work center in Subotica for young disabled persons – Opening

Work Center is designed for people over the age of 18, who can not be employed either under general nor under special conditions.
Otvaranje Senzorne sobe u Kraljevu

Opening of Sensory room in Kraljevo

Official opening of the sensory room in premises of school “Ivo Lola Ribar” in Kraljevo has taken place on September 18. This room will serve as […]

Opening of the Sensory Room in Subotica

Active sensory room has been opened in the premises of school "Zarko Zrenjanin" in Subotica

Toward Zero Tolerance: Local Community Fronts against Gender Based Violence

Three performances of the drama play "Trpele / Abused" (Belgrade Drama Theater) will take place in the Public Theaters in Leskovac.

TV report on the work of the team for psychological support in Paracin

Those attending these meetings are the real support to each other

Lecture held on psychological assistance to disaster/catastrophe – PhD Tamara Klikovac

Dr Tamara Klikovac has hold a lecture on "Psychological support in mass calamities / catastrophes" on October 16th
Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco restores wells in Kraljevo

Swedish industrial corporation Atlas Copco and its employees from 10 European countries have donated c. 19.000 EUR for restoration of wells
"ŠTIT: Psihološka podrška Paraćinu"

Professor of Clinical Psychology Dr. Miroslav Krstic Hold a Lecture on “The Psychology of Disaster”

ADRA Team for psychological support to affected by floods in Paracin has continued with its activities

Kraljevo TV sensory room

Guests of the TV show "Things that Life is Made of" have been dr Gordana Stojkovic, Kraljevo City Council member, Marijana Minic, director of the school "Ivo Lola Ribar", and Igor Mitrovic, ADRA Serbia Country Director

Training hold on working engagement of YID

In preparing for opening of the ADRA Working center (briquette production) for youth with intellectual disabilities (YID), training was hold on working engagement of YID

Project “SHIELD: Psychological support in Paracin” begins

Project "SHIELD: Psychological support in Paracin" has commenced by promotion of the Team for psychological support and initial lecture conducted on September 18, 2014 in Paracin.

Training for Providers of Stimulation of Psycho-motor Development for Children With Intellectual Disabilities

ADRA and NGO “ToGather” have successfully organized training for providers of stimulation of psycho-motor development for children with intellectual disabilities in Subotica

Drying activities in Paracin

Houses and households that suffered from floods in Paracin started receiving ADRA assistance through drying activities since August 20th.

400 flood-affected houses will be cleaned and dried

Implementation of six-months project began on August 1st in municipality of Paracin. 400 flood-affected houses will be cleaned and dried, and 115 household will be supported […]

Project for psycho-social and economic empowerment of children and youth with developmental dissabilities

Commencement of ADRA project of psychomotor, social and economic empowerment of children and youth with developmental disabilities from Subotica.