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The Vasic Family

One of the families supported through the project “Strengthening of Young Roma Families” is the Vasic family: single mother Maja Vasic (36) with her two daughters […]

Baskets Unsurpassed

All his life, Milić Milivojević has been in handmade wickerwork, weaving willow baskets. It is a family work and tradition as well. Milić learnt craft from […]

Project “Strengthening of Young Roma Families”

Strengthening of Young Roma Families The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany has decided to support the project “Strengthening of Young Roma […]

Vacancy Announcement for the position: Projects Assistant/Coordinator

The proposed Project Assistant/Coordinator should have at least 2 years of working experience in the field of project management. Experience working with Roma, employment and readmission issues will be considered as a preferential asset.

European refugee summit to coordinate ADRA & Church activities

[Victor Hulbert, tedNews] It can never be easy to sit in a comfortable hotel room when you know that just two hours down the road there […]