International Day of the Girl -

International Day of the Girl

My Safety and Resilience Girls Guide
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International Day of the Girl

Today we celebrate the International Day of the Girl. We think about every girl in the world wishing to expand her existing learning opportunities, and in doing so to pave the road for the inclusive society of equal chances. Education is the key for decent life and effective integration in society, however not everyone has the equal access to it. Girls are strikingly disadvantaged on this matter. Those in humanitarian settings or coming from societies with strong patriarchal tradition represent some of those with the most limited access to schools.

With Afghani migrant girls who visit ADRA Serbia’s Women’s Centre, we are joining UNICEF’s With Her: A Skill GirlForce campaign, in order to draw attention to these challenges, and seek for the opportunities for girls to attain skills for employability. Together, we are sending the letter to the parents in Afghanistan, asking them to take action and secure quality education for their daughters, starting today.

Read about the messages the girls sent to Afghanistan here:She might be a president one day

Girls, as a particularly vulnerable group, have specific needs and demand a special approach and attention form humanitarian organisations. Today, we also invite organisations to commit to supporting girls in need and help them develop their skills and competencies. My Safety and Resilience Girls Guide ADRA prepared together with UNICEF and partners, can help them in that cause!

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